Ref Article Title Article Author Article Date
CF0005 Yellow Vests against austerity march through London Shabbir Lakha 12 January 2019
CF0004 Bigger than Brexit Lindsey German 07 January 2019
CF0003 Rage at the Home Office - solidarity with the Stansted 15 Ellen Graubart 12 December 2018
CF0002 Theresa May fiddles while the country burns John Rees 10 December 2018
CF0001 Bristol bus protest: sick of waiting, commuters demand public control Nathan Street 25 November 2018

Craig Murray

Ref Article Title Article Author Article Date
CM0013 Scruton and Soros Craig Murray 8 November 2018
CM0012 The Price of Peace Craig Murray 6 November 2018
CM0011 The Destruction of Central Edinburgh Communities Craig Murray 25 October 2018
CM0010 Direct Action and the British State Craig Murray 3 October 2018
CM0009 Importing Jihadi Terror to the UK – Cui Bono? Craig Murray 25 September 2018
CM0008 New Labour’s Irrational Adoration of Thatcher Craig Murray 3 September
CM0007 Imagine if the BBC Were Honest Craig Murray 30 August 2018
CM0006 Facebook Censorship, Mad Ben Nimmo and the Atlantic Council Craig Murray 28 August 2018
CM0005 Skripals – When the BBC Hide the Truth Craig Murray 27 August 2018
CM0004 A Gangster State Craig Murray 20 August 2018
CM0003 The Ubiquity of Evil Craig Murray 30 July 2018
CM0002 Not Content with Constant Anti-Scottish Output, the BBC is Extending its Reach to Anti-Scottish Censorship Craig Murray 29 July 2018
CM0001 Liberal Comfort Blankets Craig Murray 27 July 2018

Disability News Service

Ref Article Title Article Author Article Date
DNS0058 Shock and anger at government’s failure to invite DPOs to disability workshop John Pring 17 January 2019
DNS0057 Universal credit forces wheelchair-user who can’t heat home further into poverty John Pring 17 January 2019
DNS0056 Surprise PIP report raises concerns over ministers’ spending plans John Pring 17 January 2018
DNS0055 DPOs call for support in battle to make ministers think again over attack on rights John Pring 17 January 2019
DNS0054 Equality watchdog needs further legal powers, MPs are told John Pring 17 January 2019
DNS0053 Double legal victory for access campaigner over underground discrimination John Pring 17 January 2019
DNS0052 Project highlights need for museums to take ‘radical’ action on disability employment John Pring 17 January 2019
DNS0051 Home Office’s ‘inhumane’ deportation decision poses ‘risk to life’ John Pring 10 January 2019
DNS0050 ROFA lays out plans to make the right to independent living a reality John Pring 10 January 2019
DNS0049 Rudd has not delayed roll out of universal credit, DWP confirms John Pring 10 January 2019
DNS0048 Nine journeys in one day expose ‘sham’ of National Express ‘accessible’ coaches John Pring 10 January 2019
DNS0047 Ministerial disability group met just three times… and then was scrapped John Pring 03 January 2019
DNS0046 Backlash over ‘disgraceful’ police force that passed video footage to DWP John Pring 03 January 2019
DNS0045 Bungling DWP announces seventh review of disability benefits errors in a year John Pring 03 January 2019
DNS0044 Traumatised child rape survivor harassed again by DWP as he waits to give evidence John Pring 03 January 2019
DNS0043 Government broke freedom of information laws over access to 10 Downing Street John Pring 03 January 2019
DNS0042 OBE ‘is overdue recognition of importance of inclusive education’ John Pring 03 January 2019
DNS0041 Police force admits passing footage of disabled protesters to DWP John Pring 20 December 2018
DNS0040 Labour and Greens call for inquiry into claims of police abuse of disabled protesters John Pring 20 December 2018
DNS0039 Anger over latest delay to social care green paper John Pring 20 December 2018
DNS0038 MPs hear of ‘despair’ of austerity’s victims in second WOW debate John Pring 20 December 2018
DNS0037 Hancock comes up empty on ‘no deal Brexit’ social care recruitment plans John Pring 20 December 2018
DNS0036 Move to universal credit could be ‘disastrous’ for disabled people, say MPs John Pring 20 December 2018
DNS0035 Rights of disabled children in Scotland ‘not protected’ over seclusion and restraint John Pring 20 December 2018
DNS0034 ‘Kicked, punched, knocked unconscious, tipped out of wheelchairs’: Campaigners describe repeated police targeting of disabled anti-fracking protesters John Pring 13 December 2018
DNS0033 Police targeting of disabled protesters is ‘an outrage and a scandal… and it’s set to spread’ John Pring 13 December 2018
DNS0032 Mixed response to government’s plans to improve access to air travel John Pring 13 December 2018
DNS0031 Fresh Motability criticism after watchdog’s report John Pring 13 December 2018
DNS0030 Disabled facilities grants need fresh approach and fairer formula, says review John Pring 13 December 2018
DNS0029 ALLFIE calls for halt to MPs’ ‘sham’ SEN inquiry John Print 22 November 2018
DNS0028 MPs hear of DWP’s ‘unacceptable’ failure to provide accessible papers to shadow minister John Pring 8 November 2018
DNS0027 ‘Chaotic’ universal credit led to disabled man’s death, sister tells UN poverty expert John Pring 8 November 2018
DNS0026 Minister says stopping benefit sanctions would do disabled people ‘a great disservice’ John Pring 8 November 2018
DNS0025 McVey’s universal credit refusal could see hundreds of thousands lose all income John Pring 8 November 2018
DNS0024 Exhibition chronicles six years of fighting back on austerity and discrimination John Pring 8 November 2018
DNS0023 Atos threatens to call police after claimant questions PIP assessor’s mental health training John Pring 1 November 2018
DNS0022 Welsh government’s independent living decision ‘threatens support of hundreds’ John Pring 1 November 2018
DNS0021 DWP refuses to say if it followed death review advice on ‘threatening’ universal credit John Pring 1 November 2018
DNS0020 Budget 2018: Chancellor’s billions ‘will not halt universal credit humanitarian crisis’ John Pring 1 November 2018
DNS0019 Budget 2018: Chancellor’s ‘end of austerity’ claim ‘rings hollow’ on social care John Pring 1 November 2018
DNS0018 Autistic woman ‘left sick and broken’ by two-year universal credit delay John Pring 25 October 2018
DNS0017 Disability inequality is widening and risks becoming ‘entrenched’, says EHRC John Pring 25 October 2018
DNS0016 Welsh government’s ‘ludicrous’ failure on independent living framework John Pring 25 October 2018
DNS0015 Suicide prevention minister could be ‘legally compromised’ over silence on ESA risk John Pring 25 October 2018
DNS0014 Ministers ‘failing to uphold a UN disability convention they do not understand’ John Pring 25 October 2018
DNS0013 DWP’s secret benefit deaths reviews: Universal credit death linked to claimant commitment ‘threats’ John Pring 20 September 2018
DNS0012 Ministers quietly drop plans for ‘parallel process’ on working-age social care John Pring 20 September 2018
DNS0011 DWP’s secret benefit deaths reviews: Investigations into deaths double in two years John Pring 20 September 2018
DNS0010 Hope for major social security ‘brutality’ campaign after ‘breakthrough’ Labour meeting John Pring 13 September 2018
DNS0009 Anger over government’s ‘pathetic’ election access report John Pring 6 September 2018
DNS0008 Minister snubs DPOs – and ‘breaches UN convention’ – by refusing meeting John Pring 23 August 2018
DNS0007 Legal ruling secures new protection for autistic pupils John Pring 16 August 2018
DNS0006 Concerns over green paper’s ‘chilling’ failure to address accessible housing crisis John Pring 16 August 2018
DNS0005 MPs launch probe into enforcement of Equality Act John Pring 2 August 2018
DNS0004 DWP repeatedly breaches FoI laws ‘in bid to hide secret jobcentre reports’ John Pring 16 August 2018
DNS0003 DWP figures provide fresh evidence to explain PIP claim rejections John Pring 9 August 2018
DNS0002 Legal action threat over wheelchair service’s ‘bullying, delays and poor service’ John Pring 9 August 2018
DNS0001 UN’s ‘human catastrophe’ rights expert to deliver high-profile UK lecture John Pring 9 August 2018


Ref Article Title Article Author Article Date
E0014 BREAKING: Tories become first government to lose Finance Bill vote for 41 years after Yvette Cooper No Deal amendment passes Tom D Rogers 08 January 2019
E0013 Getting the Tories out will help far more people than stopping Brexit – and, unfortunately, we can’t have both. Tom D Rogers 28 December 2018
E0012 Tory MP makes miraculous u-turn after losing life savings due to Tory policy he personally supported Tom D Rogers 28 December 2018
E0011 WATCH: Chancellor Philip Hammond admits that 8 years of Tory cuts have been a TOTAL CON JOB Tom D. Rogers 8 November 2018
E0010 Tory DWP Secretary Esther McVey has just been accused of lying to Parliament AGAIN Alex Tiffin 7 November 2018
E0009 Tories under pressure to sack new Housing Chief after “antisemitic conspiracy theories” surface Tom D. Rogers 6th November 2018
E0008 Damning new report reveals UK media guilty of “myriad inaccuracies and distortions” in Labour antisemitism reporting Tom D. Rogers 27 September 2018
E0007 Universal Credit almost killed me – Labour Conference must vote to scrap this horrific new Tory system completely Alex Tiffin 22 September 2018
E0006 Theresa May appoints Tory Peer who advocates NHS privatisation to crucial ‘independent’ NHS Chairman role William J Richardson 9 September 2018
E0005 Establishment fury as Anti-Corbyn Labour Peer labels Lord Sacks a ‘voice for extremism’ over Enoch Powell-Corbyn comparison Tom D. Rogers 3 September 2018
E0003 Tory MP accused of anti-Muslim hate demands EXPULSION of Muslim Tory Peer calling for Islamophobia inquiry Tom D. Rogers 15 August 2018
E0002 BBC accused of covering up Theresa May’s role in the horrific murder of 29 children Tom D. Rogers 10 August 2018
E0001 Michael Gove’s wife just said abusing Muslims is “clever and funny” Tom D. Rogers 13 August 2018

Jonathan Cook

Ref Article Title Article Author Article Date
JC0009 Labour and anti-Semitism in 2018: The truth behind the relentless smear campaign against Corbyn Jonathan Cook 27 December 2018
JC0008 Guardian ups its vilification of Julian Assange Jonathan Cook 28 November 2018
JC0007 The neoliberal order is dying. Time to wake up Jonathan Cook 20 September 2018
JC0006 The Israel lobby’s non-stop attacks on Corbyn will backfire Jonathan Cook (Middle East Eye) 6 September 2018
JC0005 Is Israel’s hidden hand behind the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn? Jonathan Cook (Middle East Eye) 25 August 2018
JC0004 Uri Avnery, Israeli activist for a Palestinian state, dead at 94 Jonathan Cook 20 August 2018
JC0003 The Crisis in Corbyn’s Labour Party is Over Israel, Not Anti-Semitism Jonathan Cook 9 August 2018
JC0002 How Israel helped to revive Europe’s ugly ethnic nationalisms Jonathan Cook 13 July 2018
JC0001 The anti-Semitism offensive orchestrated against Jeremy Corbyn Jonathan Cook 8 May 2018

Media Lens

Ref Article Title Article Author Article Date
ML0013 Remembrance - The Dehumanised Human Editor 16 January 2019
ML0012 Veneration Of Power Leading To Climate Catastrophe Editor 12 December 2018
ML0011 Limits Of Dissent - Glenn Greenwald And The Guardian Editor 06 December 2018
ML0010 The Filter Bubble Owen Jones And Con Coughlin 14 November 2018
ML0009 How To Be A Reliable ‘Mainstream’ Journalist Editor 8 November 2018
ML0008 Blanket Silence: Corporate Media Ignore New Report Exposing Distorted And Misleading Coverage of Corbyn Editor 3 October 2018
ML0007 Guest Media Alert by John Pilger: 'Hold the front page. The reporters are missing' John Pilger 20 September 2018
ML0006 Propaganda Blitz - A New Media Lens Book And An Urgent Appeal For Support Editorial 19 September 2018
ML0005 Charges 'Without Merit' - Jeremy Corbyn, Antisemitism, Norman Finkelstein and Noam Chomsky By Editor 12 September 2018
ML0004 Empire Journalism: Venezuela, the US and John McCain Editorial 6 September 2018
ML0003 Israel Is The Real Problem Editor 11 August 2018
ML0002 'World On Fire’: Climate Breakdown Editor 01 August 2018
ML0001 No Nerve Agents Found - The OPCW Interim Report On Douma Editor 17 July 2018

Morning Star

Ref Article Title Article Author Article Date
MS0063 Workers to walk out for pay justice at government ministries Marcus Barnett 21 January 2019
MS0062 Councils cutting crime prevention budgets by more than half Lamiat Sabin 21 January 2019
MS0061 Plans to register 3.5 million EU citizens in Britain may result in another Windrush scandal Marcus Barnett 21 January 2019
MS0060 Job cuts condemned after release of violence statistics Marcus Barnett 20 january 2019
MS0059 Couriers walk in latest clash on minimum fees Phil Miller 20 January 2019
MS0058 Pay justice deal agreed with Glasgow Council a decade on Marcus Barnett 20 January 2019
MS0057 Unpaid leave plans ditched MS 20 January 2019
MS0056 Tyre workers to lose jobs after role transfer MS 19 January 2019
MS0055 Businessman reopens restaurant as workers are left out of pocket Conrad Landin 17 January 2019
MS0054 Schools to lose funding thanks to UC criteria Ceren Sagir 16 January 2019
MS0053 Waverley workers hit back at ‘scandalous’ conditions Conrad Landin 15 January 2019
MS0052 Seven out of 10 Serco-provided homes in Glasgow failed basic standards test last year Conrad Landin 15 January 2019
MS0051 North Yorkshire at ‘critical’ risk as fire coverage declines Peter Lazenby 06 January 2019
MS0050 Rudd delays universal credit roll-out in the face of mounting criticism Phil Miller 06 January 2019
MS0049 Greater Manchester to ban fracking Cerin Sagir 04 January 2019
MS0048 Migrant rights campaigners call out Tories' attempts to ‘whip up racism’ Ceren Sagir 04 January 2019
MS0047 Hunt under fire after report reveals kidnapped women forced to pay his department to be rescued Lamiat Sabin 02 January 2018
MS0046 ‘Don’t militarise refugee boat response,’ activists warn MS 30 December 2018
MS0045 Tory school reforms favour the rich Ceren Sagir 30 December 2018
MS0044 We Own It to stage day of action for renationalisation of the railways MS 30 December 2018
MS0043 Millions living in areas with illegally high levels of air pollution, Labour study finds MS 29 December 2018
MS0042 School stress tops parents fears for 2019 Ceren Sagir 29 December 2018
MS0041 Knife seizures have ‘more than doubled’ MS 28 December 2018
MS0040 Rupert Murdoch ‘very poorly informed’ on UK MS 28 December 2018
MS0039 Number of care home residents taken to hospital soars as Labour blames ‘irresponsible’ cuts MS 27 December 2018
MS0038 Firefighters asked to do more than ever despite having their numbers cut, warn FBU Alan Jones 27 December 2018
MS0037 Non-white workers miss out on billions in wages MS 27 December 2018
MS0036 Hospitals increase parking charges for staff and patients Ceren Sagir 27 December 2018
MS0035 Rail leeches get set for £50m bonanza in strike compensation Peter Lazenby 27 December 2018
MS0034 Rural residents overwhelmingly reject hunting with dogs Ceren Sagir 27 December 2018
MS0033 Research finds young workers being exploited and being paid less than the national minimum wage Alan Jones 27 December 2018
MS0032a Levels of homelessness increased every year between 2012 and 2017 MS 23 December 2018
MS0032 Arrests as climate activists target energy ministry Ceren Sagir 12 November 2018
MS0031 Labour demands date for takeover of failing ScotRail Peter Lazenby 12 November 2018
MS0030 Northern Rail out for 35th day on guard role Peter Lazenby 12 November 2018
MS0029 600,000 single parents lose out with universal credit Ceren Sagir 12 November 2018
MS0028 160 years of shipbuilding sunk by Tory naval gazing Peter Lazenby 1 November 2018
MS0027 This is Labour's moment and we're ready Lamiat Sabin 26 September 2018
MS0026 The Tories have failed to tackle a growing mental health crisis 17 September 2018
MS0025 Mental health patients sent from Dorset to Durham to find a bed for the night Lamiat Sabin 17 September 2018
MS0024 An unholy mess Conrad Landin, Lamiat Sabin, Alan Jones 12 September 2018
MS0023 Labour 'ready to hit the ground running,' says John McDonnell at IER fringe Ben Chacko 10 September 2018
MS0022 Labour’s entitled rightwingers should rethink their behaviour Editorial 10 September
MS0021 Blair, Corbyn and the forward march of Labour 8 September 2018
MS0020 Amazon workers slam 'truly shocking' conditions at Rugeley warehouse Sam Tobin 7 September 2018
MS0019 Sports Direct and XPO 'fighting like rabid dogs' over House of Fraser stock Peter Lazenby 7 September 2018
MS0018 South Western Railway workers vote to keep striking for guards Peter Lazenby 5 September 2018
MS0017 How can we beat the Establishment's war on Corbyn? Editorial 5 September 2018
MS0016 Labour’s rank-and-file members recognise anti-semitism smears for what they are Ken Loach 3 September 2018
MS0015 Grieving father to boycott remembrance service in ‘disgust’ Sam Tobin 2 September 2018
MS0014 Scared and mistreated Sam Tobin 31 August 2018
MS0013 Our immigration and asylum system is a national scandal Morning Star Editorial 31 August 2018
MS0012 Fire chiefs accused of ‘act of revenge’ against crew who campaigned against cuts Peter Lazenby 29 August 2018
MS0011 Corbyn and McDonnell 'fought apartheid while Tories wanted Mandela hanged' Lamiat Sabin 29 August 2018
MS0010 No-deal Brexit 'a disaster' for aviation, says shadow transport secretary Marcus Barnett 28 August 2018
MS0009 Youth leaders call for a Corbyn government to tackle debt crisis Marcus Barnett 27 August 2018
MS0008 Labour should not 'take its cue from its enemies' on anti-semitism, say Jewish socialists Editoral 27 August 2018
MS0007 Campaigners pour scorn on People's Vote claim it isn't hostile to Corbyn Ben Chacko 27 August 2018
MS0006 Most people blame Tories for botched Brexit, poll finds Editorial 25 August 2018
MS0005 Momentum to ballot members on People's Vote Marcus Barnett 24 August 2018
MS0004 Corbyn vows to reform Britain's rotten media Marcus Barnett 23 August 2018
MS0003 Wales sees huge increase in modern slavery Marcus Barnett 23 August 2018
MS0002 Bold, radical thinking for the future of Britain's media Editorial 23 August 2018
MS0001 British campuses face an autumn of rage over poor pay and conditions Marcus Barnett 22 August 2018

Novara Media

Ref Article Title Article Author Article Date
NM0020 The Global Refugee Crisis is at Our Shores, and We Need to Take It Seriously Adam Bates 03 January 2019
NM0019 Latin Venues in Elephant and Castle Forced Out to Make Way for Redevelopment Ed Gillett 19 December 2018
NM0018 Britain’s War in Yemen Can Be Stopped, but the Left Needs to Raise Its Game David Wearing 11 December 2018
NM0017 Undermining Democracy, Not Defending It: The ‘Integrity Initiative’ is Everything That’s Wrong With British Foreign Policy Aaron Bastani 10 December 2018
NM0016 Stansted 15: Activists Who Stopped Deportation Charter Flight Convicted of Terror-Related Charges Beth Perkin, Charlotte England 10 December 2018
NM0015 Another Europe is Unlikely: Why Socialist Transformation Won’t Happen Within the EU Grace Blakeley 06 December 2018
NM0014 ‘It’s Not a History Lesson Anymore’: The Union Activists Taking on a London Pub Chain Joe Hayns 04 December 2018
NM0013 A ‘Neu’ Union? James McAsh 19 November 2018
NM0012 Decline and Fall: What Next for May’s Deal? James Butler 15 November 2018
NM0011 Activists Hold Remembrance March for Refugees Killed Trying to Reach UK Novara 11 November 2018
NM0010 What Could a Corbyn Government Mean for Britain’s Foreign Policy in Oman? Phil Miller 9 November 2018
NM0009 A Ban on Fracking Is Common Sense. Here’s Why Aaron Bastani 24 October 2018
NM0008 4 Ways the Labour Movement Must Move Forward on Palestine Aliya Yule 8 October 2018
NM0007 4 Ways the Labour Movement Must Move Forward on Palestine Aliya Yule October 2018
NM0006 Could a Corbyn Government Change UK Foreign Policy in Bahrain? Phil Miller 29 September 2018
NM0005 Period Poverty Is Unjust. Here’s How Labour Women Will End It Angela Rayner 22 September 2018
NM0004 To Transform the World, the Left Must Look Beyond Elections Luke Dukinfield 11 September 2018
NM0003 Wonga Might Be Uniquely Unscrupulous, But the Whole Commercial Banking System is Out to Get Us Grace Blakeley 28 August 2018
NM0002 Labour’s Obligation to Peace Between Israel and Palestine Starts by Rejecting the IHRA Examples Aaron Bastani 17 August 2018
NM0001 Wildfires and Tower Block Blazes Aren’t Freak Accidents – These Are the Fires of Austerity Alex King 1 August 2018


Ref Article Title Article Author Article Date
OD0096 Democracy must be re-established in Europe Alain Supiot and sixteen fellow academics 21 January 2019
OD0095 Britain’s devastating cuts to social security breach international human rights law, NGOs find Koldo Casla 18 January 2019
OD0094 The Planetary Health Diet isn’t much use to people living in food poverty Anya Pearson 18 January 2019
OD0093 2019 is the year to embrace energy democracy - or face social and climate breakdown Susann Scherbarth and Sean Sweeney 17 January 2019
OD0092 Beyond the Brexit pantomime Mary Fitzgerald 17 January 2019
OD0091 The NHS Long Term Plan, prevention, and a century of promises George Gosling 11 January 2019
OD0090 Brexit can be a good crisis Anthony Barnett 03 January 2019
OD0089 White is the new black: populism and the academic alt-right Umut Ozkirimli 02 January 2019
OD0088 Britain is the world centre for private military contractors – and it's almost impossible to find out what they're up to Iain Overton, Laura Bruun, and Elisa Benevilli 20 December 2018
OD0087 Doctors leaders call on government to halt NHS migrant charges Joanna Dobbin 20 December 2018
OD0086 How Scousers see off the fascists Roland Clark 20 December 2018
OD0085 Government immigration plans will harm integration and fuel negative perceptions Rosie Carter 20 December 2018
OD0084 We need a People’s Government, not a People’s Vote Asif Mohammed 19 December 2018
OD0083 Sara’s story should speak to us all on International Migrants Day Rachel Marangozov 18 December 2018
OD0082 Why we need renters' unions more than ever Philip Jones 16 December 2018
OD0081 In the fight against austerity, human rights is not the answer Mickey Keller 15 December 2018
OD0080 Writers silenced by surveillance: self-censorship in the age of big data Nik Williams 14 December 2018
OD0079 Digital parties on the rise: a mass politics for the era of platforms Paolo Gerbaudo 13 December 2018
OD0078 Solidarity with migrants isn’t ‘terrorism’ – the Stansted 15 case shames the UK Gracie Bradley 11 December 2018
OD0077 Save Ridley Road – how the community is fighting back against faceless developers Danny Hayward 10 December 2018
OD0076 What the Anti-Nazi-League and Rock against Racism teach us about how to defeat the fascists David Renton 9 December 2018
OD0075 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70 N. Jayaram 08 December 2018
OD0074 Nurses raise concern about Royal College backing for NHS volunteers campaign RCN Members 7 December 2018
OD0073 Why grieving families need legal representation at an inquest Merry Varney 06 December 2018
OD0072 The double standards applied to academic freedom Nadje al-Ali 05 December 2018
OD0071 The stories fascist Europe tells itself, and how to correct them Adam Ramsay 4 December 2018
OD0070 Stop and search doesn't solve knife crime, so why not try something new? Kam Gill 10 November 2018
OD0069 Labour history shows us where workers “took back control” without building walls Steven Parfitt 9 November 2018
OD0068 Why politicians need to 'take responsibility' for children's health too Al Aynsley-Green 9 November 2018
OD0067 Why healthcare for all is a feminist issue Feminist Fightback 7 November 2018
OD0066 Migration complexity requires a less conditional compassion Georgia Cole 5 November 2018
OD0065 The UK Government must not sacrifice our rights in the name of security after Brexit Corey Stoughton and Jago Russell 4 November 2018
OD0064 The rising tide of national populism: we need to talk seriously about immigration Roger Eatwell 3 November 2018
OD0063 7 ways the ‘Finance Curse’ harms the UK – how can we lift it? Andrew Baker 1 November 2018
OD0062 Why legal aid matters and what you can do about it Oliver Carter and Charlotte Threipland 1 November 2018
OD0061 Why Labour's pledge to "renationalise electricity" doesn't go far enough Chris MacMackin 1 November 2018
OD0060 How the precariat – and UBI - can stop neoliberalism from destroying the planet Guy Standing 31 October 2018
OD0059 The budget offers the NHS scraps – and fails to see off the privatisers Kane Shaw 30 October 2018
OD0058 Opposing labour market Uberculosis Ivan Manokha 30 October 2018
OD0057 The 'Big Four' and the UK government: too close for comfort Stephen Hornsby 30 October 2018
OD0056 George Osborne’s Evening Standard under fire (again) over lucrative Uber deal James Cusick 26 October 2018
OD0055 "Deal" or "Secret Deal" – the EU-UK trade deal looks even more secretive than TTIP Tamasin Cave and Kenneth Haar 25 October 2018
OD0054 Twenty years on from devolution, the UK’s fiscal and economic model is still broken Eurfyl ap Gwilym 25 October 2018
OD0053 The populists: what is to be done? Robin Wilson 24 October 2018
OD0052 Upfront NHS charges one year on - 6 reasons why they harm us all Ed Jones 22 October 2018
OD0051 Trying to milk a vulture: if we want economic justice we need a democratic revolution Adam Ramsay 22nd October 2018
OD0050 Colonialism can’t be forgotten – it’s still destroying peoples and our planet Daniel Macmillen Voskoboynik 18 October 2018
OD0049 Our democracy isn’t working – it’s time to fight for it Jon Trickett 16 October 2018
OD0048 The news is dead – long live the news? Jim Chisholm 13 October 2018
OD0047 Of Tories, charity... and Islamophobia Anjum Peerbacos 11 October 2018
OD0046 Young workers know they're being ripped off - and that unions are the answer Len McCluskey 11 October 2018
OD0045 From Windrush to Universal Credit – the art of ‘institutional indifference’ Ruth Lister 10 October 2018
OD0044 Forget early votes, do the maths, and start building for 2022 Mark Perryman 9 October 2018
OD0043 To fix the climate crisis, we must face up to our imperial past Daniel Macmillen Voskoboynik 8 October 2018
OD0042 A US-inspired reorganisation is about to hit England's NHS – 'help us stop it' Jenny Shepherd 8 October 2018
OD0041 Costing the country: Britain’s finance curse John Christensen 5th October 2018
OD0040 Labour’s new broadcast channels Trump to good effect Kieron Monks 1 October 2018
OD0039 Why the distribution of wealth has more to do with power than productivity Laurie Macfarlane 30 September 2018
OD0038 The undemocratic tide in Britain is real – how Labour reacts is crucial Nancy Platts 28 September 2018
OD0037 Brexit has revealed the Northern Powerhouse as a colonial enterprise Steve Hanson 28 September 2018
OD0036 Financing a Labour government Jan Toporowski 28 September 2018
OD0035 Invisible Britain: The untold stories of those hit by austerity Natalie Bloomer 27 September 2018
OD0034 Labour’s plan for greater worker ownership is not ‘anti-business’ Luke Hildyard 27 September 2018
OD0033 "Not on the NHS" - from grommets to hysterectomies - unless you act now Greg Dropkin and Samantha Wathen 25 September 2018
OD0032 Democratic Socialism beyond the New Deal Cihan Tugal 25 September 2018
OD0031 Britain’s warfare state Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis 24 September 2018
OD0030 Radical democracy and municipal movements Jeremy Gilbert, Rahel Sophia Süß, and Alessio Kolioulis 22 September 2018
OD0029 The councils trying to use Grenfell as an excuse to clear estates Becka Hudson 20 September 2018
OD0028 Why the public debt should be treated as an asset John Weeks 20 September 2018
OD0027 Fairness, respect and community should be the driving forces behind immigration policy Charlotte Threipland 18 September 2018
OD0026 There is an alternative to neoliberalism – in Britain and beyond Laurie Macfarlane 18 September 2018
OD0025 Parliament watchdog probes Rees-Mogg’s hard Brexit lobby group over “other sources of funding” James Cusick, Jenna Corderoy, and Peter Geoghegan 13 September 2018
OD0024 “Britons never will be slaves”: the rise of nationalism and ‘modern slavery’ Elizabeth A. Faulkner 11 September 2018
OD0023 Why positive thinking won’t get you out of poverty Farwa Sial and Carolina Alves 11 September 2018
OD0022 Platform parties vs plutocrat PR: welcome to the future of UK politics Adam Ramsay 10 September 2018
OD0021 Northern Ireland: the border is coming? Luke Butterly 7 September 2018
OD0020 NHS charging for overseas visitors – wrong on every level Martin McKee 5 September 2018
OD0019 Prosperity and justice: a new vision for Britain’s economy Laurie Macfarlane 5 September 2018
OD0018 Liam Fox spends tens of millions on firms warning of Brexit dangers Peter Geoghegan and Jenna Corderoy 4 September 2018
OD0017 Gender justice activists are organising against online violence – and they need your support Bonnie Chiu 3 September 2018
OD0016 Labour's democracy review should be about more than selection procedures Neal Lawson 3 September 2018
OD0015 Belfast is welcoming refugees with a radical new approach: speaking to them Stephanie Mitchell 29 August 2018
OD0014 Truly Project Hate: the third scandal of the official Vote Leave campaign headed by Boris Johnson Martin Shaw 30 August 2018
OD0013 Ex-Brexit minister Steve Baker remained in charge of secretive Tory ultra faction James Cusick, Jenna Corderoy, and Peter Geoghegan 29 August 2018
OD0012 Labour must reject biased IHRA definition that stifles advocacy for Palestinian rights Palestinian civil society groups 28 August 2018
OD0011 Brexit disaster narrative: whose interest does it serve? John Weeks 27 August 2018
OD0010 Brexit is a consequence of low upward mobility Rachel Lurie and Ashoka Mody 18 August 2018
OD0009 A nation divided? The identities, politics and governance of England John Denham 16 August 2018
OD0008 Ten years after the crash, civil society has come a long way. But much more remains to be done Fran Boait 16 August 2018
OD0007 The NHS deal is not an acceptable settlement Rachel Harrison 13 August 2018
OD0006 The enemy between us: how inequality erodes our mental health Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson 12 August 2018
OD0005 It's time for Labour to understand the Conservative Dilemma Jon Trickett 11 August 2018
OD0004 It's time for the participatory society Peter McColl 7 August 2018
OD0003 Democratic politics beyond liberal democracy Phil Burton-Cartledge 15 June 2018
OD0002 The ‘Preston Model’ and the modern politics of municipal socialism Thomas M. Hanna, Joe Guinan and Joe Bilsborough 12 June 2018
OD0001 Re-energising Wales Rhea Stevens and Shea Buckland-Jones 2 June 2018

Rebel Notes

Ref Article Title Article Author Article Date
RN0019 Far right footprints? David Rosenberg 02 January 2019
RN0018 Farewell to “Kazik” – the last of the ghetto fighters David Rosenberg 23 December 2018
RN0017 Facing up to antisemitism – real, denied and invented David Rosenberg 14 December 2018
RN0016 A memory and a warning David Rosenberg 07 December 2018
RN0015 Right slogan, wrong target David Rosenberg 5 December 2018
RN0014 Don’t play Tommy’s game David Rosenberg 25 November 2018
RN0013 One of the prophets? David Rosenberg 26 October 2018
RN0012 It is not only on racism that the far right are mobilising David Rosenberg 21 October 2018
RN0011 Tommy Robinson – sharing the hate David Rosenberg October 13, 2018
RN0010 He didn’t get to first base David Rosenberg 3 October 2018
RN0009 Don’t be disappointed, get angry! David Rosenberg 14 September 2018
RN0008 Britain’s first anti-fascist street battle? David Rosenberg 9 September 2018
RN0007 You were never my Chief Rabbi, bruv David Rosenberg 29 August 2018
RN0006 Staying close to our friends? David Rosenberg 24 August 2018
RN0005 Who is stepping over the line David Rosenberg 17 August 2018
RN0004 Terrorists and peacemakers in Tunis and Israel – what the papers won’t tell you David Rosenberg 15 August 2018
RN0003 Labour’s centrists can’t ignore the threat from the Tory right and their far right allies any longer David Rosenberg 11 August 2018
RN0002 Time to call their bluff David Rosenberg 6 August 2018
RN0001 Stephen Pollard’s crocodile tears about the threats to Jews David Rosenberg 4 August 2018

Red Robin

Ref Article Title Article Author Article Date
RR0034 Glasgow Council Workers vote for industrial action ballot Red Robin 19 December 2018
RR0033 College lecturers set to take further strike action Red Robin 19 December 2018
RR0032 Labour pledges shelter for every rough sleeper during freezing weather Red Robin 18 December 2018
RR0031 Teachers union welcomes calls for increased support Red Robin 18 December 2018
RR0030 Corbyn : 'Something is very seriously wrong in our political and economic system' Red Robin 15 December 2018
RR0029 ScotRail 'let off the hook' by SNP as performance plummets Red Robin 15 December 2018
RR0028 Scottish Government under fire over two child cap policy Red Robin 15 December 2018
RR0027 RMT claim victory in ScotRail dispute Red Robin 06 December 2018
RR0026 ATM fees hurting the elderly and rural communities Ged Killen 03 December 2018
RR0025 ScotRail accused of 'scrooge' tactics after ending free travel for kids Red Robin 03 December 2018
RR0024 Sturgeon accused of 'parroting' DWP line on debt repayments The Red Robin 8 November 2018
RR0023 Thornberry condemns British Government and UN Security Council over Yemen Red Robin 8 November 2018
RR0022 Calls for investigation into Police Scotland complaints Red Robin 7 November 2018
RR0021 Leading polling company corrects SNP over poll claims Red Robin 6 November 2018
RR0020 Tory delay on fixed odds betting cap a 'unacceptable' Paul Sweeney 1 November 2018
RR0019 Union calls for immediate halt to fracking after earthquakes Red Robin 31 October 2018
RR0018 Nationalisation calls grow as ScotRail chaos continues Red Robin 31 October 2018
RR0017 Glasgow Council Workers give strike notice over Equal Pay Red Robin 4 October 2018
RR0016 FMQs: Leonard pressures government to raise child benefit Red Robin 4 October 2018
RR0015 Labour will campaign for Federalised UK Richard leonard 24 September 2018
RR0014 Scotland needs Democratic Socialism, not Nationalism Red Robin 23 September 2018
RR0013 Pressure grows on the government to end indefinite detention Diane Abbott 23 September 2018
RR0012 Tories have failed to learn from Grenfell atrocity Dianne Abbott 19 September 2018
RR0011 Calls for Sturgeon to apologise over £30bn 'Oil Lie' Red Robin 17 September 2018
RR0010 1,800 women 'let down' over breast cancer screenings by SNP Red Robin 14 Spetember 2018
RR0009 SNP failing on key NHS standards - Sarwar Red Robin 11 September 2018
RR0008 Sadiq Khan: Universal Credit rollout must be paused Red Robin 31 August 2018
RR0007 Too much of our economy is foreign owned Jackie Baillie 28 August 2018
RR0006 Ambulance waiting times up drastically in Scotland The Red Robin 27 August 2018
RR0005 Front-line Police numbers fallen by a third under Tories The Red Robin 27 August 2018
RR0004 Corbyn: Asylum seekers deserve our help and support, not persecution Red Robin Blog August 22, 2018
RR0003 Corbyn proposes radical shake-up of British media Red Robin 23 August 2018
RR0002 SNP urged to "stop dragging their heels" over public rail bid Red Robin 23 August 2018
RR0001 Now we can see the true cost of NPD Jackie Baillie 08 June 2018

The London Economic

Ref Article Title Article Author Article Date
TLE0049 Billionaires see fortune grow by £2bn a day as wealth of the world’s poorest dwindles by 11% Jack Peat 21 January 2019
TLE0048 Number of homeless people visiting A & E has tripled under Tory-led Governments Joe Mellor 21 January 2019
TLE0047 More cheeky billboards trolling politicians with their own words appearing all over UK Ben Gelblum 17 January 2019
TLE0046 Dramatic scenes as Theresa May survives no confidence vote but warned election may be inevitable Ben Gelblum 16 January 2019
TLE0045 432 MPs vote against May’s Brexit deal in “catastrophic defeat” Jack Peat 15 January 2019
TLE0044 House of Lords votes against Theresa May’s Brexit deal and no deal Brexit by massive majority Ben Gelblum 15 January 2019
TLE0043 May cited for hypocrisy after using Welsh Assembly vote to sell her Brexit plans Jack Peat 14 January 2019
TLE0042 Government has chance to ‘avert catastrophe’ on Universal Credit Joe Mellor 11 January 2019
TLE0041 GDP slump: “Working people shouldn’t pay price for political failures of Conservative politicians” Joe Mellor 11 January 2019
TLE0040 Grayling looks to EU to dig him out as ferry fiasco continues Jack Peat 04 January 2019
TLE0039 Brexit contract handed to shipping firm with NO ferries Joe Mellor 31 December 2018
TLE0038 Conservatives use refugees as political pawns ahead of crucial Brexit period Jack Peat 31 December 2018
TLE0037 Questions raised as Home Office roll out major settlement scheme under the guise of a cheery video Jack Peat 29 December 2018
TLE0036 Corbyn puts pressure on May to cut short MP’s break to allow vote to take place ASAP Jack Peat 28 December 2018
TLE0035 Immigration White Paper doesn’t “meet the UK’s needs & would be a sucker punch for many firms” Joe Mellor 19 December 2018
TLE0034 Govt must assess impact of UC on disabled recipients & ‘not leave people destitute’ Joe Mellor 19 December 2018
TLE0033 Sexting MP has whip restored to help May get over the line Jack Peat 12 December 2018
TLE0032 Lawyer speaks out over BBC bias against Corbyn as evidence of “coded negative imagery” emerges Jack Peat 12 December 2018
TLE0031 “Ludicrous” Home Office u-turn on suspension of ‘Golden Visa’ scheme Joe Mellor 12 December 2018
TLE0030 ECJ rules Britain can cancel Brexit as MPs prepare to vote on May’s deal for leaving EU Jack Peat 10 December 2018
TLE0029 Conservatives abandon Northern Powerhouse as spending gets ploughed into the south Jack Peat 05 December 2018
TLE0028 For the first time in history MPs vote government in contempt of parliament over hiding full Brexit advice Ben Gelblum 04 December 2018
TLE0027 Child poverty statistics declared an “outrage and a scandal” Jack Peat 04 December 2018
TLE0026 Tory MPs face backlash for Foodbank publicity stunt Jack Peat 3 December 2018
TLE0025 Brexit “a complete shambles” and Government has failed business Joe Mellor 12 November 2018
TLE0024 Jeremy Corbyn receives standing ovation from packed out Youth Parliament Jack Peat 9 November 2018
TLE0023 “Unforgivable cowardice” Government won't allow company to criticise May over Grenfell Tower fire Joe Mellor 8 November 2018
TLE0022 Universal Credit causing major hardship, says report Joe Mellor 26 October 2018
TLE0021 Demoralised UK Border Force face post-Brexit meltdown Chris Hobbs 28 September 2018
TLE0020 Workers and businesses set to thrive as Labour broadens ownership in our economy Jack Peat 24 September 2018
TLE0019 This is how many homes London needs to cope with rising population over next 25 years Jack Peat 20 September 2018
TLE0018 4.5 million UK children are living in poverty Joe Mellor 17 September 2018
TLE0017 Economy is slowing to a “snail’s pace” due to Brexit Joe Mellor 17 Spetember 2018
TLE0016 “In face of austerity Sadiq has worked tirelessly to support Londoners,” Khan backed for 2020 Mayoral bid Joe Mellor 14 September 2018
TLE0015 London no longer the world’s number one financial centre & Brexit is a factor Joe Mellor 13 September 2018
TLE0014 Brexit could put an end to next day deliveries Jack Peat 9 September 2018
TLE0013 Food Crisis UK – Almost 4 million children don’t have enough money for healthy diet Joe Mellor 5 September 2018
TLE0012 Britain in the red: Income falls short of spending under Tory government Jack Peat 5 September 2018
TLE0011 “No new ideas” How Boris Johnson’s Brexit capitulation should be no surprise for his readers: Ben Gelblum 3 September 2018
TLE0010 Brexit could signal the end of the British union Jack Peat 3 September 2018
TLE0009 Why are the capital’s police coming under attack from all quarters? Chris Hobbs 2 September 2018
TLE0008 Millions of Brits left with just £6.60 a day to get by on Jack Peat 30 August 2018
TLE0007 Blue Momentum takeover of local Conservative branches driven by ex-Ukip members Jack Peat 28 August 2018
TLE0006 No deal papers paint bleak outlook for British businesses Jack Peat 24 August 2018
TLE0005 Brits £13 a week poorer than they were 10 years ago Jack Peat 22 August 2018
TLE0004 No Deal Brexit now an odds-on reality Jack Peat 21 August 2018
TLE0003 Tories present feeble plan to plaster over the wounds they created Jack Peat 13 August 2018
TLE0002 Calls for Corbyn to quit as Johnson charms media with cups of tea Jack Peat 13 August 2018
TLE0001 Exclusive FOI request reveals record-breaking evictions from social housing - by local councils Raymond Woolford 9 August 2018

Various Subjects / Authors

Title Author Article Date
Media Reform Coalition Labour anti-semitism and the news media Dr Justin Schlosberg and Laura Laker 27 September 2018
LeftInsider - Corbyn Going Global – A New International Movement Mike Holmes 26 August 2018
Labour consults on plan for major NHS restructuring Jessica Elgot 02 June 2018
JRF - Successful launch of municipal socialism policy paper at the Scottish Parliament Jimmy Reid Foundation 30 May 2018
JRF - Municipal Socialism for Modern Scotland Dave Watson 15 May 2018
Huffpost Austerity Series -The Lehman Brothers Crash And The Chaos That Followed – Everything You Need To Know Isabel Togoh 15 September 2018
Huffpost Austerity Series -Ten Years Since Lehman Brothers Collapsed, It's The Public Who Have Suffered A Decade Of Misery David Hillman 14 September 2018
Huffpost Austerity Series - The Story Of Three Men In Tents Outside Habitat Emma Youle 7 September 2018
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