Bold, radical thinking for the future of Britain's media

Editorial - 23 August 2018

JEREMY CORBYN’S warning about the state of Britain’s media and the need for bold, radical thinking to create an informed public is crucial in light of the demise of the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom.

For nearly four decades the trade union-supported CPBF has campaigned and lobbied for a diverse and free media that is accountable to rather more than half a dozen billionaires.

Those seeking an alternative to the pro-Tory orthodoxy of the Murdoch, Rothermere and Barclay stables traditionally comforted themselves in the company of progressive liberalism found in The Independent and The Guardian.

The Independent, funded by a Russian oligarch’s family, is now online-only, leaving just the i to be seen on news-stands, while The Guardian switched from ownership by The Scott Trust in 2008 to The Scott Trust Ltd.... See more

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