Labour’s rank-and-file members recognise anti-semitism smears for what they are

Ken Loach - 3 September 2018

KEN LOACH nails it, as do Jewish Voice for Labour, Labour Against the Witch Hunt and Camden Momentum members meeting outside Labour’s national executive committee meeting (NEC) tomorrow morning, in identifying Palestine as the reason why Jeremy Corbyn is accused falsely of anti-semitism.

Labour is currently unique among European social democratic parties in having a leader who is a socialist, a supporter of Palestinian national rights and being in with a shout of winning a general election.

Loach, in his open letter to Guardian journalist Simon Hattenstone, brackets Corbyn’s pro-Palestinian stance with “his social and economic programme, his determination to base a foreign policy on International law and human rights and the general resurgence of the left that he represents.”... See more

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