4 Ways the Labour Movement Must Move Forward on Palestine

Aliya Yule - 8 October 2018

The Labour party has a long and complex history with Palestine due to Britain’s direct role as colonial power, with its troops occupying Palestine from 1917-18 to 1948. Throughout its military reign, the British empire first denied and then suppressed the Palestinian people’s demands for self-determination, whilst giving early support to the creation of an Israeli state in their land.

Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership marks a turning point for Labour, with recent events showing its expanded grassroots membership overwhelmingly support justice for Palestine – and will put huge pressure on Labour’s leadership in this regard. Following a protracted and ugly struggle over the summer, during which Labour’s NEC felt compelled to adopt the full IHRA definition of antisemitism despite immense pushback from the membership and real concerns about the denial of Palestinians’ inalienable rights, local constituency delegates to Labour party conference placed Palestine high on the agenda in the priority ballot to select motions for debate. When the motion was moved, thousands of Palestinian flags were held high on the conference floor in a moving display of solidarity with a struggling and disenfranchised people....

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