British campuses face an autumn of rage over poor pay and conditions

Marcus Barnett - 22 August 2018

British universities face a campus clash this autumn, as lecturers nationwide vote on whether to strike against poor conditions.

Teaching staff represented by University College Union (UCU) will be balloting on whether to return to strike action over a number of issues, the union revealed today.

The Star understands that staff at a total of 147 universities will be balloting on whether to take strike action.

This is more than double the number of universities that participated in the wave of strikes earlier this year and signifies a dramatic escalation in an ongoing confrontation between workers and education bosses.

The union confirmed the ballot will open for UCU members next Thursday August 30 and close on October 19, with the union formally recommending that all members vote Yes to both walkouts and action short of a strike.... See more

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