Establishment fury as Anti-Corbyn Labour Peer labels Lord Sacks a ‘voice for extremism’ over Enoch Powell-Corbyn comparison

Tom D. Rogers - 3 September 2018

The prominent pro-Remain anti-Corbyn Labour Peer, Lord Andrew Adonis, has sparked Establishment fury after slamming the former Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks, as a “voice for extremism” over his recent controversial comments which compared the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to the infamously racist Conservative MP, Enoch Powell.

In a letter sent to the former Chief Rabbi this morning, the historically anti-Corbyn Labour Peer wrote that he ‘deplore[d]’ Lord Sacks’ controversial comparison.

Adonis’ letter goes on to question whether Lord Sacks had even read Enoch Powell’s infamous ‘Rivers of Blood Speech’, before slamming the former Chief Rabbi’s rhetoric by stating:... See more

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