Bigger than Brexit

Lindsey German - 07 January 2019

EU monomania shouldn’t blind us from the starker realities of global economic crisis and ever increasing class tensions, argues Lindsey German.

You may have noticed over the Xmas and New Year break that there were rumblings about the world economy. Not very big rumblings, because such news as there was, was much more concerned with the manufactured ‘major crisis’ as a few hundred refugees crossed the Channel. Yet if many of the signals are to be believed, there is already a major slowdown in many of the major economies, including Germany and Japan. There is a likelihood of recession in the US, probably this year. In Britain, the waves of consumer spending which have sustained so much of the economy in recent years were not in evidence over Xmas, and herald a bleak 2019 for retail and related industries.... See more

About Counterfire

Counterfire is a socialist organisation committed to building the biggest possible movements against war, austerity and racism. We believe that change happens when working people get organised and fight for it. Electing a Corbyn government would be a huge step forward, but politics is not only or mainly about what happens in parliament.

Whether or not we get real change depends on wider struggles in society, it depends on mass movements and on workers taking action. To build this kind of popular opposition there has to be a dynamic extra-parliamentary left, rooted in workplaces, communities and colleges. Counterfire has been central to the campaigning that has got us this far, always fearlessly challenging all forms of oppression and discrimination.

In the process of helping to build this resistance, Counterfire puts the case for a revolutionary socialism based on popular control of society and genuine liberation.

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