Democratic politics beyond liberal democracy

Phil Burton-Cartledge - 15 June 2018

In addressing the discussion advanced by Michael J. Sandel and welcomed by Jon Cruddas, we should begin with what is dying and what is vital about liberal democracy and progressive politics. In my view, both arguments are partly on the right track. The crises of progressive politics and liberal democracy cannot be thought through in splendid isolation from the long tail of the crisis in capitalism.

That liberal democracies have so far proven to be the most endurable governance norm for advanced capitalist states doesn't mean this arrangement of politics and economics is without tension, nor that we cannot improve upon it. The rise of authoritarian capitalisms, the threats to democracy in Eastern Europe, and the challenge populist politics pose on the so-called mature democracies suggest there's still some way to go before, as Francis Fukuyama put it, history comes to an end... See more


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