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Conservative Policy Impact

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Wiki Section Task Description Assigned Status
Poverty impacting education
More info on teacher numbers
Further Education - very seriously impacted by cuts! Kevin Hargreaves
Higher Education Kevin Hargreaves
Free Schools
Private Education
Funding the NHS
Privatisation of the NHS
Nursing: Number of Nurses
Nursing: Wages
Nursing: Bursaries
NHS Asset Sales: Land
Asset Sale: Other
Competitive Tendering
Lack of Scrutiny of MPs
Misleading Parliament (Lies)
Lobby group power
MP's dinners with the power brokers
Party Funding
The expenses scandal and cover up
MP outside interests
Tax avoidance
Business interests
Closing down free speech
Laws and their impact on free speech
Closing down the internet
The Media Owners
News Staff allegiances
The Media Management
Deflection Techniques
Broadcast Media BBC Sky ITV Channel 4
Newspapers Sun Daily Mail Express Telegraph Times Guardian Independent
Disability Conservative Impact Jonathan Fletcher
Housing Crisis Michael Dakin Started
Rental Market Michael Dakin Started
Protection of tenants Michael Dakin Started
Cost of renting Michael Dakin Started
Rent Controls Michael Dakin Started
Ambulance Service Conservative Impact
Policing Conservative Impact
Grenfell Zoe H
Quantitative Easing
QE- where the money goes
QE - where the money should go
Cuts in Tax to the Wealthy
Tax avoidance
Tax on the poorest
Austerity: How an economy works
Why austerity can never work
Who is impacted by austerity
Investment: Home grown industry
Investment:Maintaining UK ownership
Public Spending
Public Spending: Infastructure
Public Spending: Services
Wages: Stagnation
Wages: Trickle Down

Completed, Author and Completion Date

Page Section Author Completion Date
Education Spending Michael Dakin August 18
Brexit - Triggering Article 50 Michael Dakin July 18
Brexit - Hard Brexit the Reality Michael Dakin 7-Sept-18
Brexit Fingertip Facts Michael Dakin 7-Sept-18
Disability UNCRPD findings Michael Dakin July 18
Disability Rights Campaign Groups Michael Dakin 14-Sept-2018
Emergency Services
Fire Service Michael Dakin July 18
Housing Market Michael Dakin 14-Sept-2018
Inflating prices Michael Dakin 14-Sept-2018
First time buyers Michael Dakin 14-Sept-2018
Extracting the asset Michael Dakin 14-Sept-2018
Social Housing Michael Dakin 26-Sept-2018
The affordable homes lie Michael Dakin 26-Sept-2018
Building stalls Michael Dakin 26-Sept-2018
Homelessness Michael Dakin 26-Sept-2018
Homelessness overall picture Michael Dakin 26-Sept-2018
Homelessness children Michael Dakin 26-Sept-2018
Rough Sleepers Michael Dakin 26-Sept-2018
Pension Payment Comparisons Michael Dakin 17-Sept-2018
Economy - The Truth About Money Michael Dakin 5-Oct-2018

Admin tasks

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Extension:ProtectSite - Needs a few glitches sorting Wiki Security Michael Dakin / Miraheze
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Wiki Presentation Michael Dakin

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