Ambulance Service

Key Ambulance Service Duties

  • the saving of life, in conjunction with the other emergency services
  • to instigate a command and control structure
  • to co-ordinate the NHS communications on site and to alert the main 'receiving' hospitals for the receipt of the injured
  • to carry out a health service assessment for the incident
  • to instigate a triage process when required
  • to treat casualties
  • to transport casualties to hospital
  • to provide clinical decontamination of casualties and to support mass decontamination
  • to maintain adequate emergency cover throughout other parts of the Ambulance Service area
  • to alert and co-ordinate the work of the Voluntary Aid Societies enabling them to provide services appropriate to the incident and as required.
  • to make provision for the transport of the Medical Emergency Response Incident Team if this is an agreed function for that Ambulance Service
  • to be able to respond to major incidents

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Fire Service

Key Fire Service Duties

  • Responding to fires
  • Responding to road traffic accidents
  • Responding to other emergencies as applicable
  • Contributing to national resilience (collectively being able to respond to up to 4 simultaneous national-level emergencies)
  • Undertaking preventative activities to reduce the risk of fire
  • Carrying out safety inspections of business premises

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Police Force

  • the protection of life
  • the protection of property
  • preservation of the peace
  • prevention of criminal offences
  • detection of criminal offences

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