Gavin Williamson roasted for Tory defence cuts as he boasts Brexit to ‘enhance UK’s lethality’

Ben Gelblum - 11 February 2019

Brexit ‘can enhance UK’s lethality’, insisted the Defence Secretary today, before being promptly derided by all sides and reminded of the scale of Tory defence cuts.

Brexit, said Gavin Williamson, recently mocked for suggesting Gibraltar could be defended from Spain with paintball guns, was an opportunity for Britain to be a global military leader. The former Tory Chief Whip who used to keep a tarantula named Cronus on his desk gave a customarily belligerent address to a defence thinktank today.

Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary Nia Griffith MP said Gavin Williamson’s speech at the Royal United Services Institute today was “sabre rattling.”... See more