Not my hero

David Rosenberg - 14 February 2019

When John McDonnell was asked for a snap response to the question, “Winston Churchill: hero or villain?” He replied: llanelli

“Tonypandy. Villain”, recalling that when Churchill was Home Secretary he ordered troops to combine with police forces in repressing striking miners. Churchill’s actions there resulted in a long- enduring resentment towards him in that district, and among wider layers of trade unionists. It was not a one-off, either. At Llanelli a year later, two people were killed by troops deployed by Churchill during a strike by railway workers.

He has also been labelled a racist and a “White supremacist”, though he demonstrated that he could mistreat whites whom he considered inferior or less deserving of rights. As Colonial Secretary in the 1920s, he ordered the vicious “Black and Tans” to repress Irish Catholics... See more