The Holocaust – what’s in a word?

David Rosenberg - 28 January 2019

As we mark Holocaust Memorial Day it is worth noting that the term “Holocaust” was not widely used by writers and scholars until the 1960s and was only one of several words that have described the extermination of an estimated 6 million Jews, including 1.5 million children, and around 1 million Roma and

egpit01sOne million of those Jews were slaughtered in mass shootings by Einsatzgruppen (SS and police units aided by local collaborators) who swept through areas of the USSR that the Nazis invaded from June 1941. Many others died from starvation and disease in walled ghettoes in which the Nazis incarcerated them. The majority, however, were industrially murdered in a network of specially constructed death camps. The Nazis harnessed the skills of architects, scientists, engineers and administrators to carry out this horrendous crime, while businesses profited from supplying poison gas... See more