This Must Be the ‘Green Moment’ – So Why is Caroline Lucas Rehabilitating the Failed Politics of the Establishment?

Aaron Bastani - 14 August 2019

The last few weeks have offered a smorgasbord of increasingly absurd proposals on how Brexit might be stopped. This began with calls for a government of ‘national unity’ peddled by – among others – MPs so disposed to compromise they voted against a customs union in March. During his leadership tilt, Liberal Democrat Ed Davey kicked things off by claiming Labour’s Hilary Benn or Yvette Cooper could assume the mantle of prime minister in such a situation – before extending Article 50 and calling a general election. This is hard to imagine: Benn’s most senior role was secretary of state for international development, while Yvette Cooper’s constituency voted to leave by a significant margin. Benn hasn’t the credentials for the role, while Cooper – almost certainly after any subsequent election – wouldn’t have a seat... See more