Key Policy

Build a sustainable, affordable, accessible, and public integrated transport system



Corresponding Charter Article

C6. Environment

We will introduce radical measures to protect and enhance the environment. This will be reflected both in our domestic polices and our international outlook.


GF083 Build a free, sustainable, accessible and integrated transport system

GF085 Public expenditure on transport will ensure that it promotes environmental sustainability and non-exploitative
GF086 Bring bus services back into public ownership and ensure it meets community needs
GF087 Create Network Rail and Bus to bring all renationalised transport services under one roof
GF089 Increase bus routes and frequency as poor services particularly hit rural communities
GF090 Bring our railways back into public ownership
GF091 Rebuild the fragmented railways as a nationally integrated public service
GF092 Improve accessibility to trains and buses for disabled people
GF093 Ensure safe staffing levels and end driver-only operation
GF096 Introduce a long-term investment plan including delivering Crossrail for the North as part of improved connectivity across the northern regions
GF097 Consult with local communities to reopen branch lines
GF098 Extend high-speed rail networks nationwide by completing the full HS2 route to Scotland, taking full account of the environmental impacts of different route options
GF099 Deliver rail electrification and expansion across the whole UK
GF100 Ensure that these major infrastructure projects are a model of good employment practice
GF101 Ensure that these major infrastructure projects pay due regard to the environmental impact
GF102 Promote the use of rail freight
GF103 Expand the provision of publicly owned rail freight services
GF104 Increase the funding available for cycling and walking
GF105 Bring together transport and land-use planning to create towns and cities in which walking and cycling are the best choice
GF106 Help children's health and well-being by ensuring street designs provide freedom for physically active outdoor play
GF107 Introduce measures to ensure the zones around our schools are safer, with cleaner air
GF108 Aim by 2030 to ending new sales of combustion engine vehicles
GF109 Position the UK at the forefront of the development and manufacture of ultra-low emission vehicles
GF110 Invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure and in electric community car clubs
GF111 Accelerate the transition of our public sector car fleets and our public buses to zero-emissions vehicles
GF112 Reform taxi and private hire services: Review of licensing authority jurisdictions, setting national minimum standards of safety and accessibility
GF113 Reform Taxi and private hire services: Update regulations to keep pace with technological change and to close loopholes to ensure a level playing field
GF114 Adopt an ambitious Vision Zero approach to UK road safety, striving for zero deaths and serious injuries
GF115 Invest to make our neglected local roads, pavements and cycleways safer
GF116 Review all tolled crossings and roads
GF117 Any expansion of airports must pass our tests on air quality, noise pollution, climate change obligations and countrywide benefits
GF118 Take action to end nationality-based discrimination in seafarer pay
GF168 Extend and improve rail networks nationwide to free up capacity on local lines and move freight to dedicated lines