Notes from the Cult: we DO need another hero

disidealist - 10 February 2019

Another weekend, another factional fight inside Labour, another media hatchet-job on Corbyn, and another set of headlines saying that this time, the group of unnamed right-wing MPs who’ve been promising to leaving to form a new party are definitely going. Honestly. Cross our hearts and hope to die. Probably. If only we had a leader who was any good, complain the Labour Right ad infinitum. They’re right. It’s just, they’re also wrong. The biggest problem in terms of lack of leadership in the Labour Party isn’t Corbyn, it’s the lack of a leader of the Labour Right.

Let me explain. The Labour Right shares many characteristics with the Left. Or indeed with the ERG. Or with Brexiters. Or Trumpists. Or with FBPE mob. Or with any group of people who subscribe to a particular ideology, and self-reinforce their worldview by means of endless virtual circle-jerks with like-minded people on social media, peppered with the sort of willy-waving aggression towards their enemy of choice which few would ever display in real life, for fear of being either punched or arrested. Or both... See more