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Link Policy Description Region Approved
Stop deregulation of gene editing, the latest version of genetic modification (GM), in England. Steering Committee No
Halt the building of Nuclear Power Plants and decommision existing Nuclear Power Plants Nuclear is not clean energy and also presents a risk - we want to understand alternatives like molten salt with Thorium.

Neil will follow up with Malcolm X

Val will check out her cousin
Steering Committee No
Enforce Hunting Act 2014 Close all loopholes in Hunting Act 2014

- hunting wild animals with dogs - hare coursing - aiding in abetting - lets someone use land for breaking section 1

[ Hunting Act 2004]
East Midlands No
annual expenditure increase calculated on demand not budget Algorithm Steering Committee No
Implement April's Law Implement April's Law which was passed in 2019 and ws due to be implemented in April 2020

Calls for most serious sex offenders on register for life

Names of the accused will be kept out of the public domain until they are convicted so as not to influence the case.
East Midlands Yes
Stop Factory Farming Make all animal farming free range with access to the outdoors for exercise and wellbeing including Ban battery chicken egg production East Midlands Yes
Free Dentistry h Steering Committee No
Ban Fur Imports to UK Ban all fur imports to the UK East Midlands Yes
Free Eye Checks hs Steering Committee No
Regulate greyhound racing Regulate greyhound racing in the UK Investigate present situation - further investigation needed East Midlands Yes
Regulate horse racing Review the areas that need regulation. East Midlands Yes
Ban Importation of hunting trophies Ban all hunting trophies from being imported into the UK including photgraphs with victim.. Stiff sentencing Also drugging animals for photo opportunities. East Midlands Yes
Invest in grain and vegetable farming to make the UK more self-sustaining Encourage farmers, vegetable growers and households to grow more food produce so the UK can provide more of its own food. Create allotments for schools.

Neil to review destruction of crops by government. NA will follow this up.

This is a gateway to organic crops via home growing + community areas / schools. Find a route back to home grown veg and fruit.
East Midlands No
Ensure community pharmacies are supported through legislation - Medicines through pharmacy - Built into or near GP practices Steering Committee Yes
Sanction Israel Sanction Israel for human rights violations and crimes against humanity East Midlands No
Sanction Saudi Arabia Sanction Saudi Arabia for human rights violations and crimes against humanity. East Midlands No
Sanction China Sanction China for human rights violations and crimes against humanity East Midlands No
Phase out VAT in 2 stages In first 6 months reduce VAT to 10% and after 2 years remove VAT completely.

VAT is a direct tax that has an unfair impact on the poorest in society. For example the poorest pay on average 12% of their income on VAT, while the richest 10% pay on average 5% of their income.

Removing VAT would stimulate small business by cutting their retail price by 20%. It would mean that introducing a higher minimum wage would not have such a detrimental impact on smaller businesses. It would put more money in the pocket of the poorest.
Steering Committee Yes
Create an English assembly Based in a central location with excellent rail and bus links Steering Committee Yes
Psychiatric Hospitals: End the use of inappropriate, out-of-area placements People travelling great distances to visit relatives Steering Committee Yes
No more than one member of a family to sit on parliamentary committees or constituency committees at any level That will stop the family route stranglehold as seen by Smeeth, Steve Cook and Creasey family taking over their CLPs. Note Movement / Party policy as well and in rule book Steering Committee Yes
Make use of the thousands of empty properties by using compulsary purchase orders and turning them into homes for the homeless Take control over the thousands of empty domestic and commercial properties and work with homeless persons to turn them into decent affordable housing. Need a department to deal with this. East Midlands Yes
New policy working alongside TPA1001; TPA1003; TPA1009; TPA1013; TPA1016; TPA1035; TPA1070. Commit to a Jobs Guarantee program which could create thousands of jobs in the green and care sectors, paying at least the real living wage, with accredited skills training. This program would benefit those workers hit particularly hard by the pandemic such as those under the age of 25. Jobs would be funded by the government and created in sectors vital to our economic recovery but also in combating climate change. "

"TUC A New plan for jobs - Why we need a new jobs Guarantee

What is a Jobs Guarantee?

Jobs Guarantee Vs UBI

UBI is it the radical change we need?

Bill Mitchell - Modern Monetary Theory

By committing to a Jobs Guarantee program, we could go some way to fulfilling the following

● TPA1001 Eradicate in-work poverty in our first term by tackling the structural causes of poverty and inequality, such as low pay and high living costs, while raising the floor provided by our social safety net

● TPA1003 Introduce a Real Living Wage of at least £10 per hour for all workers aged 16 and over

● TPA1009 Explore other innovative ways of responding to low pay, including a pilot of Universal Basic Income

● TPA1013 Transform people’s lives for the better through the biggest extension of workers’ rights in history

● TPA1016 Bring workers and employers together to agree legal minimum standards on a wide range of issues, such as pay and working hours

● TPA1035 Increase protection against redundancy for people wherever they work

● TPA1070 Usher in a new era of social justice in Britain"
North West No
Project based learning and introduce the 2010 creative learning curriculum Michael to describe this in detail Steering Committee No
Extend and improve rail networks nationwide to free up capacity on local lines and move freight to dedicated lines Michael to detail this Steering Committee Yes
Invest in the probation services and remove private probation services Linked to this key policy .... "Focus and invest in rehabilitation of offenders " Steering Committee Yes
Keep all prisons in public ownership For this key policy ... "Focus and invest in rehabilitation of offenders" Steering Committee Yes
Ensure prisons focus on rehabilitation For this key policy ... "Focus and invest in rehabilitation of offenders" Steering Committee Yes
The privy council will be abolished To compare with key policies Not approved because we have this as a bigger plan Steering Committee No
Introduce tough sentencing for public servants who are found to break the law while in office Public servants are expected to act in a responsible and honest manner, due to the opportunities they are given. Should they be found to break the law or break the trust given to them by the public by, for example, accepting donations in return for access, then they will be subject to a sentencing uplift to reflect the abuse of position. Steering Committee Yes
MP wage rises will be in alignment with the national average MP wage rises will not be decided on a standalone basis from other public servant payrises, but will be decided by a panel that decides what the overall public servant %age payrise will be. This will be linked to wage rises across all sectors and public & private. Union representatives will be members of this panel Steering Committee Yes
Stricter expenses policy for public servants This applies particularly to MPs and members of the 2nd house. A stricter policy will be introduced that bring them more in line with standard process Steering Committee Yes
Focus on child health through nutritional education and healthy school meals Link to key policy Education - Free meals in school for all children up to 16 Steering Committee Yes
Rate of inflation to be decided by independent board and to be subject to union agreement Under Governance Steering Committee Yes
Enhanced pre-school care for SEN children Linked to Key Policy - Free childcare for all pre-school children (Education) Steering Committee Yes
Reduce salary to mortgage multiples to end house inflation House price inflation undermines society and quality of life. Steering Committee Yes
Secured Tenancies Secured Tenancies Steering Committee Yes
Legislate to support housing cooperatives Link to Housing Key Policies This will require some research - Manchester may provide an example Steering Committee Yes
Convert British homes to the highest energy-efficiency standards - add policy “using latest tech + safety” Linked to Key policy under green policies Steering Committee Yes
Civic housing with well-maintained green spaces Civic housing to be of a better quality than private build. Should set the standard. Of outstanding merit - unconventional private build uses this term. Steering Committee Yes
15% pay rise for public sector workers This should be minimum and would be calculated on how much public sector workers have been left behind over the last decade Not approved because covered elsewhere in more detail Steering Committee No
Nationalise the Electoral Commission The EC should not be a private concern Steering Committee Yes