Key Policy

Ensure access to Justice for all regardless of means



Corresponding Charter Article

C9. Democracy

Everyone has the right to peaceful protest with due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others. Government should be in service not in power and is tasked with empowering the people.


EQ071 Replace the Social Mobility Commission with a Social Justice Commission, based in the Treasury, with wide-ranging powers to hold us, and future governments, to account

EQ075 Ratify both the Istanbul Convention on preventing domestic abuse and the ILO Convention on Violence and Harassment at work
PS176 Rebuild our criminal justice services, focusing on crime prevention and early intervention
PS177 Rebuild our youth services and guarantee young people's access to youth workers
PS179 Invest in local community beat policing to help prevent crime and make our communities safer
PS181 Stop and reverse privatisation of the Police and supporting services
PS182 Re-establish neighbourhood police stations
PS183 Invest in technology to tackle the rise in violent crime and cybercrime
PS184 Ensure police funding is prioritised on local needs
PS186 Restore community policing by consent
PS187 Eliminate institutional biases within police force
PS188 Ensure better police training on domestic abuse and offences arising from coercive control
PS189 Develop a public health approach to substance misuse, focusing on support rather than criminalisation
PS190 Improve support services for all victims of crime
PS193 Criminalise abuse exercised by the security services and ensure their actions are proportionate and used in accordance with natural justice
PS194 Review the circumstances in which judicial warrants are issued
PS195 Ensure security agencies and the Joint Intelligence and Security Committee are publicly accountable
PS196 Remove the right of the Prime Minister and government to suppress publication of committee reports
PS200 Ensure our diplomatic services are promoting peaceful solutions to conflicts
PS201 Reduce the risks arising from International war, poverty, natural catastrophes and population displacement
PS202 Respect international law and avoid needless military interventions
PS207 Ensure a modern, technologically advanced police service that has the capacity and skills to combat online crime
PS211 Increase total number of prison officers, no privatly contracted security officers and end dangerous lone working
PS212 Bring PFI prisons back in-house and there will be no private prisons
PS215 Introduce a presumption against custodial sentences of six months or less. Use community sentences or probation instead.
PS216 Invest in proven alternatives to custody
PS217 Introduce effective alternatives and rehabilitation for prolific offenders
PS218 Guarantee a publicly run, locally accountable probation service
PS219 Probation staff will be properly valued
PS220 Restore all legal aid advice, including for housing, social security, family and immigration cases
PS221 Recruit hundreds of new community lawyers, promote public legal education and build an expanded network of law centres
PS222 Ensure legal aid for inquests into deaths in state custody and the preparation of judicial review cases
PS224 Ensure workers' can recover legal representation costs from offending employers
PS225 Keep the right for workers to be represented and recover their costs in cases of employer negligence leading to injury at work
PS226 Review the criminal injuries compensation scheme
PS227 Bring courts and the ministry of justice back into public ownership and ensure they are adequately staffed
PS228 Facilitate a more representative judiciary while ensuring its independence
PS229 Increase funding for the Crown Prosecution Service and ensure its independence
PS230 Ensure equal justice for children regardless of ethnicity or background
PS232 Build many more women's refuges / safe houses
PS233 Ensure an end shamefully low rape prosecution rates
PS235 Ensure financial stability for rape crisis centres
PS236 Provide more rape and sexual abuse crisis centres
PS237 Improve the safety of the family court system for domestic violence victims and prohibit their cross-examination by their abuser
PS238 Ensure free representation for all parties in family court
PS240 Uphold women's reproductive rights also defending their right to have a disabled child
PS242 Ensure the likes of Grenfell can never happen again
PS244 Revoke spycops & international torture bill
PS246 Introduce a Public Accountability Bill
PS247 Ensure fair compensation and lawful justice for victims of contaminated blood products
PS257 Implement April's Law