Key Policy

Promote International Human Rights



Corresponding Charter Article

C8. Internationalism

We will ensure that human rights are protected on a global basis. This will be sought through the United Nations and the UK will view war as a last resort and only in cases of imminent danger.


INT001 Introduce a War Powers Act

INT002 implement the Chilcot Inquiry
INT004 UK should be international ambassadors
INT005 Establish a people's jury led inquiry into our country's alleged complicity in rendition and torture, and the operation of secret courts.
INT007 Allow the people of the Chagos Islands and their descendants the right to return to the lands
INT008 Uphold the human rights of the people of West Papua and recognise the rights of the people of Western Sahara
INT011 Introduce International rules of Justice to secure accountability for breaches of human rights.
INT012 We will insist on the protection of human rights for Sri Lanka's minority Tamil and Muslim populations
INT013 Establish independent human-rights advisors to ensure the Foreign Office and government prioritise a co-ordinated approach to human rights
INT014 Advocate for human rights at every bilateral diplomatic meeting.
INT016 Apply pressure to global institutions to promote policies to protect our environment
INT017 Use our diplomatic expertise to negotiate and deliver more ambitious global targets to deal with the environmental emergency
INT021 Build support for UN reform to remove additional powers to several countries (UK, USA, China, France, Russia etc)
INT022 Prioritise prevention of conflict by investing in local solutions (providing infrastructure for example)
INT023 Act immediately to urge negotiations towards a resolution to conflict wherever it arises, including in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa

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