Key Policy

Invest in the NHS



Corresponding Charter Article

C1. Health

Everyone has a right to excellent medical care. A public NHS provides the most effective way of providing universal care. We guarantee a publicly owned health service and the end to privatisation.


PS016 Invest in the NHS and put patient focus at the heart of everything

PS017 Major investment in NHS to bring back to being effective and efficient
PS018 End all patient charges
PS023 We will increase bed count to be in line at least with the European average
PS029 Publish an infrastructure plan to return NHS England to the international average level of capital investment
PS049 Allocate required funding to close-to-home health services
PS050 Build interdisciplinary, patient-focused services across primary care, mental health and social care
PS051 Ensure patients in deprived and remote communities have equal access to primary care services
PS052 Ensure those living with long-term conditions can access the care they need
PS053 Expand GP training places to provide resources for many more appointments each year
PS079 Ensure safe staffing limits and terms and conditions are protected in law
PS080 Invest in training and development of NHS staff throughout their careers
PS083 Ensure NHS workforce pension is protected within our National Investment Bank
PS084 Provide mental health support for NHS staff
PS085 Create a working environment within the NHS that is safe, flexible and free from harassment, bullying or violence
PS086 The NHS will be at the forefront of the development of ethical genomics and cell therapies.
PS096 Build a comprehensive National Care Service (NCS)
PS097 Provide community-based support, underpinned by the principle of independent living
PS098 Provide free personal care for all
PS100 Social Care will be free for all as with other health services.
PS103 Provide care packages to support both people living independently in their own homes where required
PS105 Remove the distinction between health and care needs
PS108 All Care Services will be publicly owned as part of the NCS
PS112 Pay full-time carers