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As of 2018 the NHS had 40,000 vacant nursing posts

The key reason for the shortage is the number of nurses leaving the profession due to low pay and poor working conditions

Between July 2017 and July 2018, 1,584 more EU nurses and health visitors left their role in the NHS than joined

Projections for nurse shortages predict that following present trends there will be a 100,000 shortfall by 2030

The population is expected to increase by a further 11% to 62 million by 2041 putting further strain on the NHS and nursing

per head of population, the UK has fewer than half as many nurses as Norway (8 nurses compared to 18)

According to HEE, around 33,000 positions are filled temporarily by agency staff a large extra expense for local NHS trusts

As at the end of 2018, NHS trusts were forecasting spending some £5.6 billion on temporary staff in 2018/19

Using temporary staff is disruptive to health services and reduces the ability to deliver continuity of care

From April 2010, newly qualified nurses in England were paid a starting salary of about £21,200

From 2018, new nurses start on £23,000

Taking into account inflation, new starter nurses are now earning around £1,900 less than in 2010

Newly qualified nurses have seen an 8% reduction in pay over eight years

Nurses saw their wage rises capped at either 0% or 1% between 2010 and 2018

From 2010 to 2018 nurses saw a 10-14% fall in wages in real terms

On average nurses are £2500-£3000 worse off per year since 2010

The wage restraint has been a false economy as NHS trusts have needed to go out to agencies to make up the shortfall in nurse numbers

Rents and house prices have risen far above inflation figures

Growing numbers of nursing staff are using food banks, taking on additional jobs and accruing personal debt

The RCN also awarded 6,500 hardship grants to trainee nurses over three years (2015-17)

Suicide rate among nurses was 23% higher than the national average

Two years on from the removal of the NHS student bursary (as of 2018), applications to nursing degree courses have plummeted by a third in England.

The end of bursaries mean nurses are qualifying with debts of £40,000 into a profession that is not particularly well paid

Sign the petition re-instate nursing bursary and scrap tuition fees

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